Let’s Face it, some fashion laws just scream to be broken… And SHOULD BE!


Do you break long standing traditional fashion rules or do you find yourself tempted to break fashion rules? Rules that have been around for who knows how long? Do you put little thought into breaking fashion traditions? Perhaps you are a woman that just loves to break fashion laws, and could not care less about the consequences. If you answered yes to the above question’s.

You’re most likely a FASHION CRIMINAL!

Image Perhaps you are a woman that finds it very hard to break some of the long standing fashion rules. Well, I hope I can change your mind. Please read on, and see if I can’t convince you – that some fashion laws are screaming to be broken… You may just realize you are a fashion criminal after all.

Its may be time to “break free”, and find your way around old-fashioned fashion laws. In fact it’s time to break some rules, toss caution to the wind, and take some fashion liberties. Let’s spice up your fashion chic, and give you your own set of rules.



source : squidoo