Pretty in Pastels!


When neon blasted back onto the fashion scene early in spring, it brought a distant relative with it: pastels. Like neon, pastel colours were a distant memory from the past some of us would’ve rather forgotten. And for others, these candy-colour hues were last worn during babyhood.

Yet, today’s pastels have been softened up and modernized with clean lines and lightweight materials. Tones of peach, mint, and lavender keep summer looks light and fresh. They’re also a sweet alternative to bright when opting for the colour jean trend.



To keep the look sophisticated, the lighter and softer the shade, the better. Avoid matching, but do mix different tones from the same colour family. For example, pair blush with magenta, or mint with forest green. For a little more fun, mix pastels with other pastels. To carry the trend into your fall wardrobe, complement these subtle shades with darker neutrals like navy and brown.


source: diablomag