Hey love! It’s been awhile since my last update. Sorry about that. Well recently I’ve been on the net clicking and scrolling to get some ideas for my blog. And guess what i found?! The Most Expensive Dress in The World for this year! I get pretty excited bout that and wonder how it will look like. That dress was sick and totally a major jaw-drop! I’m not kidding when I said it was a major jaw-drop, wait until you know the ka-ching! But let’s take a look first..


The creator for this superb fabby dress is a British designer, Debbie Wingham and unveiled at Ukraine Fashion Week. It took six months to sew by hand! Not a machine-made it’s a handmade! The weighs of this amazing dress is 29lbs and sparkles with 52 carat black diamonds as well as white diamonds and gold thread. So do you get some idea what actually the ka-ching for this super fabby dress? It’s worth £3.5 million (RM 15,000,000) *jaw-drop*!


Here some eye candy for you from Ukraine Fashion Week. Enjoy!


pix source : dailymail

vid source : youtube